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Chicago CNC equipment buyer calls Pedowitz

In these photos taken just outside Chicago, IL, you can see the professionals riggers at Pedowitz Machinery Movers delivering a VT-1150 Vertical Turning Lathe.

The Korean Machine Tools Manufacturer provides unparalleled product quality, so extreme care is required during the trucking and delivery process.

We supplied the labor and equipment to pick up, transport, deliver, unload and set in place this VT-1150 weighing almost 60,000 pounds. From Illinois to Opalaka Florida.


And we do it day in and day out.


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From rigging (or in this case custom part fabrication and CNC machining), Florida Boat Builders trust us for all their CNC Machinery swap out needs.

Many a Chicago CNC equipment buyer calls Pedowitz Machinery Movers known even in the midwest as being the best trucking rigging company around.