Our image gallery offers a compelling visual journey through our extensive portfolio of projects across Connecticut and New England. The gallery showcases a wide array of our services, including trucking, rigging, crane operations, and millwright services, capturing the scale and complexity of the tasks we undertake. Each photo highlights the precision and expertise of our team, whether it’s maneuvering massive industrial equipment through tight spaces, lifting heavy machinery with cranes, or meticulously installing intricate systems. These images not only illustrate our technical prowess but also underscore our commitment to safety and excellence in every project.

The diverse collection of photos also serves as a testament to the versatility and capability of Pedowitz Machinery Movers. From large-scale construction sites to high-tech manufacturing facilities, the gallery reflects the broad spectrum of industries we serve and the customized solutions we provide. The detailed visuals of our state-of-the-art equipment in action, combined with snapshots of our team’s meticulous work, provide potential clients with a clear understanding of our operational capacity and quality of service. This extensive visual documentation reinforces our reputation as a leading provider of comprehensive machinery moving and millwright services in the region.

Check out these recent pictures from the Connecticut and New England Machinery Movers Gallery. You will see how the experienced trucking and rigging professionals at Pedowitz evaluate and plan the moving of your heavy equipment. Often this process begins by dismantling and rigging your heavy machinery in order to be securely transported from point A to point B. There is virtually no piece of equipment that we cannot move including: lathes, presses, generators, HVAC units, mills, and more.

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