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When it comes to fine art handling NYC Rigging Company Pedowitz is at your service.


Believe it or not, Pedowitz Machinery Movers has been handling heavy equipment and oversize loads for, oh, about 70 years. I’m not exactly sure when we got the first call in reference to art handling, placement and installation, but now, it’s second nature. We do it all the time and the hoy polloi all know to call us when they have something big, beautiful, fragile and valuable they need transported. In fact we’re the go to rigging company NYC galleries call now. And we’re only to ready to assist.

We have certified and installers and riggers ready to transport, handle and set in place your sculptures and large works of art be they for public spaces or as part of a private collection.

From New York City to Miami the most esteemed interior designers, gallerists, framers and art consultants call on us.

Our expertise doesn’t stop however with art installation, handling and placement. We have 6 fully staffed and secure warehouse facilities at which our in-house wood shop can design custom crates for your fine art. No matter the size and shape of your artwork, Pedowitz Machinery Movers has been designing custom crates for import, export and fine art for many years.

Then, when the time comes to move your art and/or sculpture, our art transportation division is ready to safely move your assets. We are both GSA and TSA certified. So whether your work needs to be moved to or from a public space or you need to get your work to a festival, call us.

We are fully insured and our work is guaranteed. So remember, when it comes to Fine Art Handling NYC Rigging Company Pedowitz has got you covered.

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Remember when it comes to Rigging an AMADA Turret Punch Press Crane Jobs in NYC or Massachusetts go smoother with Pedowitz.