Machinery Movers Nantucket Island Massachusetts

Transporting heavy equipment via ferry is not a task for the feint of heart.

Maneuvering oversized vehicles onto a Nantucket bound ferry however is something we were quite ready for. That’s not to minimize the fact that our drivers and riggers are required to take special precautions. Not only are there a boat load of variables to be taken into account when traveling on a marine highway, but there’s the pandemic to consider as well.

Some of these variables include load postings and weight restrictions, vessel clearance, tides that affect the angle of the vehicle loading ramps, peak traffic times and more.

Further, when our truckers and riggers are preparing to drive a one of our vehicles onto and aboard a ferry, there are additional criteria that must be met including the proper documentation of the vehicle weight (GVW), and ground clearance.

The project managers in this Massachusetts seashore community called Pedowitz because they knew of our reputation with respect to reliable industrial rigging services. Our team of professional drivers are oversized load specialists. Whether it’s in New York City or New England, you can rely on Pedowitz for your heavy equipment, industrial machinery and equipment rigging projects.

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