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Pedowitz Machinery Movers Charlotte NC Trucking & Rigging Services Company Transport of Biesse Opera 5 Wide Belt Sander Transport & Delivery 12
Pedowitz-Machinery-Movers-Miami-Trucking-Rigging-Services-Company-Moving-MAZAK-VC500C-CNC-5-Axis-Machining-Center-from-Florence-Kentucky-to-Pompano-Beach-FL-Warehouse-For-Mazak Storage-2
Pedowitz-Machinery-Movers-Miami-Trucking-Rigging-Services-Company-Moving-MAZAK-VC500C-CNC-5-Axis-Machining-Center-from-Florence-Kentucky-to-Pompano-Beach-FL-Warehouse-For-Mazak Storage-1
Pedowitz-Machinery-Movers-Miami-Trucking-Rigging-Services-Company-Moving-MAZAK-VC500C-CNC-5-Axis-Machining-Center-from-Florence-Kentucky-to-Pompano-Beach-FL-Warehouse-For-MAZAK Storage-3

If you’re looking to purchase state of the art CNC machinery, look no further than MazakUSA. Headquartered in headquartered in Florence, KY, Mazak develops advanced machine tools such as machining centers.

In this case their customer purchased the Muzak VC500C which is a 5-axis machines. 5 Axis means that the machines operate in five different directions — X, Y, and Z, as well as A and B, around which the tool rotates.

Regardless, if you purchased this 28,500 pound machine, you’re going to make sure that this sensitive piece of heavy equipment gets to your shop safely. And for that, you’re going to want to call Pedowitz Machinery Movers, one of the premier trucking and rigging services companies in the United States.

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Remember if you need to move a mill, lathe or as in this case a MAZAK, call Pedowitz..