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Millwrights are skilled tradespeople who install, maintain, and repair industrial machinery and equipment in a wide range of settings, such as factories, power plants, and construction sites. They work with a variety of tools and machinery, including power tools, welding equipment, hoists, and rigging equipment.

Some of the typical tasks that millwrights perform include:

Reading and interpreting technical drawings and schematics are mandatory if you expect to be able to rig out, transport and set in place heavy equipment and machinery. Our team in New Jersey excels at assembling and installing machinery and equipment, such as conveyor systems, turbines, pumps, mechanical equipment, medical equipment, power generators and much more.

These machines need to be carefully aligned and adjusting machinery and equipment to meet specifications and tolerances. Then being able to diagnose as well as troubleshoot equipment malfunctions and performing repairs.

We also have decades of experience maintaining and servicing equipment to ensure proper operation and longevity, as well as fabricating and modifying parts as needed in order to repair or improve machinery and equipment performance. Many of our millwrights hold multiple certifications.

Millwrights are highly skilled and trained professionals who play a critical role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of industrial machinery and equipment.

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