JFK Airport Gas Turbine

Pedowitz Machinery Movers JFK Gas Turbine Swap Out

JFK Airport Gas Turbine – No Problem Call Pedowitz at (718) 923-1862 for all your Machinery Moving ProjectsIt takes a lot of power to run an airport terminal. Like all pieces of equipment, sometimes they need to be repaired. Of course, always having a backup on hand is par for the course.

This project involved just that. Making use of the backup Gas Turbine so the malfunctioning one could be taken off line in order to be shipped out west for repair.

Now there are 2 engine packages at JFK, and Pedowitz Machinery Movers worked to swap out one GE LM6000 engine for the other. By using Pedowitz, the project managers have shortened the turn around time by 4 days on a “engine outage “ which is almost unheard of. 

These engines generate 45 megawatts of electricity thru the generator. They produce heat for steam for a 25 meg steam turbine plus all the hot water/heating for JFK airport. It also produces surplus to the NYPA grid they the high voltage transfer field.

Not all machinery moving and trucking and rigging companies are even qualified, much less cleared by Homeland Security to even be allowed to do the job.

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