Trans-Atlantic Shipping CNC Machinery To India

Are you shipping CNC machinery to India? Then do what other Miami FL project managers do and trust Pedowitz Machinery Movers.

We provide turnkey CNC machinery shipping services to India. Trust us shipping heavy equipment is not a one size fits all process.

Here we have a Toshiba BTD 110H Boring Mill which is comprised of the following component parts:

  1. Cutting Head
  2. Control Box
  3. Machine Guards & Cowlings
  4. Chip Conveyer
  5. Transfer Auger
  6. Hydraulic Pump
  7. Rotary Table
  8. Tool Changer
  9. Cooling Unit
  10. Weight Covers
  11. Machine Stands

Large items such as CNC machinery, as well as other commercial and industrial equipment require special attention to detail. After we determine pricing quotes and the amount of insurance needed, we’ll schedule your pickup. Then the team at Pedowitz Machinery Movers in South Florida will get to packing and crating your assets. Finally we’ll secure transport for your valuables, and if necessary, arrive at the final destination in advance of your delivery.

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Remember when it comes to shipping CNC machinery to India trust Pedowitz.