Transporting Okuma MA-600 Charlotte NC to Fenton MO


Here’s a question. How much do you trust your riggers.

Especially when you’ve just purchased a brand new Okuma MA-600.

Moving sensitive tri-axis horizontal machining centers like this one (from the Okuma website), isn’t a lot more than just grabbing a couple of 2X4’s, some chains and a tarp.

The turrets on these machines have brakes on the X axis. You can bungie the doors open (or closed) but making sure they’re secure is paramount so they cant move.

We use shock monitors as well. Here is a great thread about what it takes to move sensitive CNC machines like the Okuma MA-600.

For us? Another happy customer.

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Remember, when you need to transport an Okuma MA-600 Horizontal Machining Center (or any CNC machinery) trust Pedowitz.