Pedowitz Modern Tractor Trailer Fleet At Gearjammer Magazine Event in NH

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That’s why it was important to celebrate up in New Hampshire at Gearjammer Magazine’s annual get together which brings truckers and riggers from all over the country together. We’re not only celebrating 70 plus years of trucking and machinery moving industry experience, but show off our high-tech equipment and technology.

The best part of course is our superior personnel and this company’s vision which has grown steadily over the years including into infrastructure, intermodal and port work.

Remember, modern tractor-trailers do a lot more than deliver CNC machinery, printers, generators or mechanical equipment. And today’s drivers are specialists with state of the art technology at their fingertips.

We must confess though, we just can’t get enough of showing off our brand new trucks. Don’t they look great? What you cannot see is on the inside and includes lane departure indicators, collision avoidance, driver alertness, electronic stability control, and more.

But we deal trucking and rigging CNC machinery, Industrial Printers, Power Equipment and more every day. In fact if you want to get the low down on our NYC Rigging services GO HERE.

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Remember when it comes to a rigging company with modern tractor fleet NYC turns to Pedowitz.