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If you’re looking for the best trucking and rigging company in New Jersey that specializes in transporting construction, excavation and demolition equipment Connecticut developers call Pedowitz.

At construction sites, various types of cranes are used to lift construction and demolition equipment. The specific type of crane chosen depends on factors such as the weight and size of the equipment, the reach required, and the site conditions. Here are some common types of cranes used for lifting construction and demolition equipment.

Before we answer that question, first it must be asked… What kind of trucking company even moves construction and demolition equipment?

A specialized type of trucking company that moves construction and demolition equipment is commonly known as an “equipment hauling” or “heavy haul” company. These companies specialize in transporting heavy machinery, such as excavators, bulldozers, cranes, and other construction and demolition equipment.

Equipment hauling companies have the necessary expertise, equipment, and permits to safely and efficiently transport oversized and heavy loads. They typically employ experienced drivers who are trained in handling and securing various types of equipment for transportation.

These companies often use specialized trailers, such as lowboy trailers, flatbed trailers, or step deck trailers, to accommodate the size and weight of construction and demolition equipment. They may also have additional equipment, such as winches, ramps, or hydraulic systems, to facilitate the loading, unloading, and securement of the machinery.

When selecting an equipment hauling company, it’s important to ensure that they have the appropriate licenses, insurance, and experience in transporting construction and demolition equipment. It’s also beneficial to consider their track record, reputation, and customer reviews to ensure reliable and professional service.

1Mobile Cranes: Mobile cranes are versatile and widely used in construction sites. They are mounted on wheeled vehicles, allowing them to be easily moved around the site. Mobile cranes can have different configurations, such as truck-mounted cranes or rough-terrain cranes, depending on the terrain and lifting capacity needed.

Tower Cranes: Tower cranes are commonly used for tall buildings and large construction projects. They have a tall mast and a horizontal jib with a trolley system. Tower cranes offer high lifting capacities and are suitable for lifting heavy equipment to great heights.

Crawler Cranes: Crawler cranes are equipped with caterpillar tracks instead of wheels, which provide excellent stability and mobility on rough or uneven terrains. They are capable of lifting heavy loads and are often used in construction sites with challenging conditions.

Overhead Cranes: Overhead cranes are typically used indoors or in manufacturing facilities. They consist of a bridge that runs along elevated tracks and can move horizontally, while the hoist system lowers and raises the equipment. Overhead cranes are useful for moving heavy machinery within a confined space.

In addition to cranes, various equipment, machines, and mechanical tools are necessary to facilitate the lifting, transport, and assembly of construction and demolition equipment.

Pedowitz has a fleet of forklifts that are used to move materials and smaller equipment within a construction site. They have two front prongs that can lift and carry heavy loads.

Our modern fleet of low boys can transport your excavators.

We have new loaders which are commonly used to move loose materials, such as soil, gravel, or debris. They have a front-mounted bucket that can scoop up and transport materials.

Also skid-steer loaders which are compact, maneuverable machines with a small turning radius. They are used for tasks like lifting, pushing, and transporting equipment and materials in tight spaces.

Of course we have the appropriate hoists and winches for lifting and lowering equipment vertically. They are often used in conjunction with cranes or as standalone units for specific lifting tasks.

Finally, our multi-certification world class riggers only use top of the line rigging equipment. Rigging equipment includes slings, chains, shackles, and hooks used to secure and lift loads.

These tools are essential for safe and efficient lifting operations. It’s important to note that the specific equipment and machinery used can vary depending on the nature of the construction or demolition project and the specific requirements of the site.

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Regardless of which option you choose, it’s important to take appropriate safety measures and ensure that the machinery is properly secured and protected during transport.

Remember, for Oversize Load Transport and Heavy Haul Trucking trust the Newark New Jersey Machinery Movers Pedowitz.