Trucking Rigging Crane Service Jobs Milford Connecticut

We at Pedowitz Machinery Movers in Milford Connecticut are always on the look out for the best to work on our daily trucking rigging and crane service jobs.

We want to make sure that we deliver top of the line service at a fair price, as well as ensuring that our team goes home happy at the end of each day.

Safety and compliance with state and federal transportation regulations is our highest priority. Accordingly we only hire the best. The safe transportation of machinery and freight involves the public, our drivers, employees, and our customers. Safety is paramount to every part of our operation. At Pedowitz Machinery Movers, we have employed specific policies and procedures that govern our everyday way of business.

There are two ways to inquire about working for us.

1. Fill out the form below; or,
2. Email your resume to Include three (3) references from past employers.

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